Joaquin Ortiz

Joaquin Ortiz is a rare breed. He is a native Californian, an accomplished chef, former Managing Partner of a Segafredo Café franchise and creator of the nonprofit foundation Conscious Acts of Kindness. It seems he has his hands in many pots and judging by his history, he knows exactly what to do with them.

Raised in Los Angeles by a family of foodies, Joaquin grew up with a passion for cuisine. At age 17 he moved to Miami, enrolled in culinary school and later received degrees in Culinary Arts and Business Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales University. Although being in the kitchen felt comfortable for Joaquin, he quickly realized that he was a great businessman capable of leading an entire restaurant.

Lending himself to that role, he worked with James Beard Award winning Chef Norman van Aken as a manager and development consultant for many of his restaurants. He went on to train with Michelin Star Chef David Bouley in New York and later opened David Bouley’s Evolution in the Ritz Carlton on Miami Beach. He has also worked with restaurateur heavy hitters such as Mark Militello of Marks South Beach and Myles Chefetz of Prime 112.

As Joaquin’s resume grew, so did his creativity. However when he was 26 years old, Joaquin’s career was put on hold when he was hit by an SUV and pinned against a boat, breaking his back and facing the possibility of never walking again. Refusing to accept his projected fate, Joaquin began physical therapy, acupuncture and weekly chiropractor visits. “I refused to be a victim,” he told NBC reporter Roxanna Vargas when she interviewed him for a “Lucky to be Alive” feature. The injury and recovery process made Joaquin question the larger picture of his life. He thought, “It’s not enough to just survive; it’s after you survive, what do you do?” With his new outlook, everyday became a blessing. This attitude became the catalyst for work that changed the lives of many.

In 2009, with a business mind, a keen thumb and an eye for fashion, he created the lifestyle brand Provider, a clothing company that promoted positive social interaction and embraced the values of family, friendship, and helping others. A few years later Joaquin realized the philosophy of Provider Lifestyle could be stretched globally to help people all over the world. Thus, he founded the nonprofit foundation Conscious Acts of Kindness. His nonprofit work quickly gained popularity and was featured on NBC, CBS and Telemundo Network as well as in the publications 944, Key Biscayne and GQ Magazine. In 2009, he was inducted into Biltmore’s “Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals” Association as a lifetime member.

Finding true joy in helping others, Joaquin embarked on the next chapter in his life and began business developemnet consulting, life coaching and branding. He has since spoken to children at schools across the US, been the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony of his alma mater and a motivational speaker to companies across the US. His credible background has led him into business development consulting with various small businesses and national brands such as KIND Healthy Snacks and Whole Foods Market.

In May of 2011, Joaquin told 944 Magazine in an interview that he had a dream to bring all the things he was most passionate about – art, fashion, community, food and drink – and combine it into a “lifestyle store that would revolutionize the way people shop and interact.” Five years later, he teamed up with two of his best friends and opened Tea & Poets, an indoor art-walk style market, full service tea bar and live performance venue in the heart of South Miami.

After the tremendous success of Tea & Poets and being the consummate entrepreneur that Joaquin Ortiz is, he went on and opened up his 4th endeavor. Jealous Fork is the first artisan pancake food truck in the country. Ortiz brings his innovation, creativity and nostalgic love for breakfast to the world of pancakes. In the short time Jealous Fork has been open they have attracted patrons from across the entire country. Jealous Fork has exploded landing features on NBC’s 6 in the Mix, Deco Drive, The Miami Herald and The Miami New Times. The best pancakes in the U.S. are located in Miami and Jealous Fork is leading the charge.

Joaquin Ortiz has a huge heart and a strong desire to make the world a better place. His creativity, business savvy, drive and passion just about guarantee that you’ll be seeing many more concepts from him open up in the future!

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